Our know-how for your applications

Since 1968 the name Baublies has been synonymous with customized roller burnishing solutions. Our team of experienced specialists is completely devoted to the innovative fine machining process and continually improves it. This has enabled the team members to obtain know-how unique in this field worldwide.

Multi-roller burnishing tools

It‘s a „sprint“ to the finish: extremely smooth surfaces in just seconds

Info sheet for multi-roller bunishing tools

data sheet multi roller burnishing tool

Data sheet for through hole

Data sheet for blind hole and through hole

Data sheet for external roller burnishing

Single-roller burnishing tools

The pressure is on: powerful compression and smooth surfaces

Data sheet: modular tool system

Data sheet: test device

data sheet test device
Baublies-test device for modular single-roller tool system

Data sheet: modular unit for external use

Data sheet: modular unit for internal use

Data sheet: modular unit for grooves

Data sheet: modular unit for deep rolling

data sheet modular single roller burnishing
Baublies modular single-roller burnishing tool system

Data sheet: variable unit for external use

Data sheet: slim shaped tools

Datasheet ERG-Special Boring-bar

data sheet ERG-Special Boring-bar
Baublies single roller burnishing tool, boring-bar
Diamond burnishing tools

Hard and filigree: smoothing and work-hardening, even in small diameter Areas with diamond burnishing tools

Data sheet: external diamond burnishing, variable

Data sheet internal diamond burnishing, variable

data sheet diamond burnishing variable
Baublies variable diamond burnishing

Data sheet: burnishing internal use

Data sheet: burnishing, external use

Data sheet: diamond burnishing

Data sheet: burnishing, combination tool

Data sheet swiss lathe diamond burnishing

data sheet diamond burnishing swiss lathe
Baublies swiss lathe tools
Tailor made roller burnishing tools

Special tasks require special solutions

Info sheet: tailor made roller burnishing tools

info sheet tailor made roller burnishing tools

Data sheet: stepped holes

data sheet stepped holes
Baublies tailor-made tool for stepped holes

Data sheet: ball burnishing tools

data sheet ball burnishing tool
Baublies ball-burnishing-tool

Data sheet: external contours / radii

Data sheet: roller burnishing tool for deep rolling external threads

data sheet roller burnishing tool baublies
Baublies burnishing tool for deep rolling threads

Data sheet: work hardening radii

data sheet work hardening radii
Baublies tailor-made tool for worked hardened radii

Datasheet IRG-Special, through hole

data sheet IRG-Special, through hole

Data sheet: small design

data sheet small design
Baublies multi-roller-burnishing small design

Datasheet IRG-Special, small design

data sheet IRG-Spezial, small design
Baublies multi-roller burnishing blind-hole and through-hole

Data sheet for plane surface

Data sheet for internal taper from 4mm

Forming tools

Together forever: flanging, creasing and expanding components

Data sheet: expanding tools for valve bodies

Data sheet: expanding tools

Data sheet: flanging tools

Data sheet: external creasing tools

Data sheet: internal creasing tools

Roller burnishing machine

Precise finishing of external diameters of cylindrical workpieces

Data sheet: roller burnishing machine