Diamond burnishing tool square shank, variable

Technical Details: Datasheet Diamond burnishing tool square shank, variable

Diamond burnishing tool square shank, variable

Application external shafts and contours
Standard fixture square shank 16/20/25 mm left or right hand
Swiveling range 240°
Indexing 48 x 5°


  • Tailor made fixtures VDI, HSK, etc.
  • Tailor made diamond shape
  • Assembly device

Application parameters

Please note that this information represents standard values which must be adapted to the individual cases.

Speed up to 150 m/min
Feed rate 0.05–0.2 mm/rev
Workpiece allowance up to 0.02 mm
Tool preload bis 1 mm
Lubrication emulsion or oil; filtration of the lubricant (< 40 µm)
can improve the surface quality and the tool life
Pre-machining of workpiece surface roughness (Rz) up to 15 µm
Suitable for hard machining  


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Variable diamond burnishing tools for external use are non-intrinsic tools for smoothening and work hardening of shafts and contours. Due to the swiveling diamond these tools are very versatile.




  • Simple to use
  • Compact design available for machines with limited tool space
  • Can be adapted to all materials by means of four spring elements (included in delivery)
  • Diamond radii from 0.4–5 mm available
  • Diamond indexed for multiple machining
  • Highest surface quality and hardening
  • Universally applicable
  • Ideal for contour machining
  • For hard machining and thin-walled workpieces
  • Tolerance compensation through spring-loaded design
  • Changeable diamond insert
  • Re-grinding of the diamond is possible
  • Cost-effective/low investment


Assembly device (optional)