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Roller burnishing tool

„In addition to our tooling systems and equipment we offer optimal technical solutions, a trustworthy partnership and cooperation with our qualified experts. You benefit from tailored products precisely matching your needs. If you have questions that are not answered by the homepage, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. "

Andreas Hadler, CEO of Baublies AG.

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See how roller burnishing works

How roller burnishing works

Even experienced professionals are not always familiar with the function and operation of each roller burnishing tool. Therefore, we have all the tools available to be viewed on video. In the link machining tasks, you will be guided to find the best roller burnishing solution for your application.

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Our know-how for your applications

Our know-how for your applications

Since 1968 the name Baublies has been synonymous with customized roller burnishing solutions. The company's headquarters are located in Renningen, Germany. Baublies is one of the few companies worldwide that is concerned exclusively with the development, manufacturing and sale of roller burnishing tools. Over the years, this special orientation has resulted in a unique competence and the repeated development of new and improved tools. This has meanwhile led to a broad acceptance of roller burnishing technology.

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Essentials of the roller burnishing process

Roller burnishing process

Roller burnishing is a chipless smoothing and compression process for metallic surfaces achieved by rolling elements. To understand what happens during this finishing process and to be able to use the full range of advantages, a basic knowledge about the requirements, impacts and possibilities is helpful.

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Diamond compacted reliably

Optimized Fittings Thanks to Baublies AG and MPA Stuttgart

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The Shining Finish

Forming process with building tools fixed Machining parts in the Vorwerk Thermomix

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