Diamond burnishing tool for internal small tapers

Technical details: Diamond burnishing tool for internal small tapers


Diamond burnishing tool for internal taper

Application internal tapers from 0.1 mm
Standard-fixture cylindrical shank



  • Fixture VDI, HSK etc.

Application parameters

Please note that this information represents standard values which must be adapted to the individual cases.

Speed up to 100 m/min
Feed rate 0.05 — 0.2 mm/rev
Workpiece allowance up to 0.005 mm
Tool pre-load up to 1 mm
Lubrication emulsion or oil; filtration of the lubricant (< 40 μm) can improve the surface quality and the tool life
Pre-machining of workpiece surface roughness (Rz) up to 15 μm

Suitable for hard machining


Diamond burnishing tool for smoothening and strain hardening of small internal taper.
Internal springs generate the required force. The value of the force is defined by the preload of the tool. The spring characteristics can be adapted to the requirements of the workpiece.



  • suitable for hard machining
  • spring loaded diamond
  • changeable diamond insert
  • regrinding of the diamond is possible



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